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The Ambassadors


The Ambassadors have been in existence for 15+ years.  This is a unique program because the ambassadors are seniors who are selected from the Mobile County Public School System, private, and parochial schools. Chosen based on their desire to help younger peers and their strong moral character, they are trained to teach bullying skills in grades three through eight.


Olweus Bullying Prevention


This program is a comprehensive, school-wide program with objectives to increase the number of students who report bullying to adults; decrease the number of bullying incidents; promote better peer and adult/child relationships; train the schools' staff to be proactive and responsive to bullying; incorporate parents and the community as major components of the program.  Mobile County elementary and middle schools can apply to be an Olweus school.





This program is utilized in grades 4 and 5.  The primary goal of the curriculum is to provide activities in a small group setting that promotes independence skills, self-control, an understanding of emotions, better relationships with adults and peers, and problem-solving.  All of these skills promote better behaviors and academic achievement in the classroom.



STD Facts


This abstinence-based educational program focuses on explaining the facts about sexually transmitted diseases to sophomores in high school.  It discusses information that could prevent teens from acquiring an STD as well as the importance of being tested.



Community Outreach


Community Outreach provides speaking engagement upon request to schools, clubs, churches and other community organizations. The Executive Director appears on local television and radio stations throughout Mobile to address various teen issues.




   "Youth Living Responsibly"


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