Crittenton Youth Services provides a variety of programs for the community.


These programs include:


Crittenton Youth Services Amabassadors


The Ambassador Program consists of High School Seniors from Mobile and Washington County, who are nominated by their counselors.  They are selected based on character, morals, and a desire to help the youth in our community.  Ambassadors are trained to present the Managing Pressures Before Marriage curriculum to sixth and seventh grade students.



Managing Pressures Before Marriage:

-A school-based program that involves trained instructors along with Crittenton Ambassadors, a group of top high school seniors, to teach 7th grade students about the risks of adolescent sexual activity and sexually transmitted diseases.


Relationship Smarts:
- A relationship educational program designed to help 9th grade students identify the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, facilitate good communication, and understand the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases.

Community Against Bullying:

- A collaborative effort with other local organizations and the Mobile Children's Policy Council to implement the evidenced-based Olweus Bullying Prevention Program in Mobile area schools.


Media Madness for Parents:


Various parenting workshops, seminars, and group sessions using curricula to help parents of adolescents gain and/or strengthen skills to encourage positive youth development.


Making a Difference:
A collaborative effort with the Mobile Teen Center to implement the evidenced-based Abstinence Approach to Teen Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Disease and HIV Prevention curricula in Mobile area schools.




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